Saturday, March 14, 2009

Logical absurdity...


Camera Rolling...



Life starts just like this,and it has to End just as similarily as a film ends..but what comes betwixt these two faces is a journey...synonymous with the fact that we all are travellers..moving from one place to another...each and everyone is evidently in search of something...we are all busy to determine what will happen in the end..though we already know that its death all the way standing at the end of the road...but a story is not good without twists..and Destiny does place some twists here and there in our lives,at regular interval, to test us... to make us enjoy the essence of this journey to deliver us the message that "you have to learn even more"...knowledge is remotely anything close to the things we learn from the dictionary like text books that we are thrust upon to memorize for the upcoming exams..Knowledge is something beyond that..even falling in love gains you knowledge in some way or the other.. we always think that someday things would turn up in a way that we wanted it to be...but that never happens unless we realize that we ourselves are somehow responsible for whats gonna happen next in the near future..our actions decide one of the many possible reactions that might occur as a consequence...No matter how much "dilapidated" a person becomes...he never completely withers away..the denial of his existence is just out of ignorance or Arrogance.
I stand alone in a corner at times to wonder and to think about something beyond my normal existence,through the creepy doors of the human psyche,there are more than innumerable paths yet to be discovered to at least reach towards the penultimate truth,the reason behind existing in this world for so long.Existence is a word often misinterpreted,we never exist unless we prove our existence,but at the same time the soul is something which was never even bothered about it's existence, it never tried to prove to any one that it ever existed,but still we know,that its there. Drawing a thin line between the soul and the word Love,i came to the conclusion that they are not actually different they are almost the same...both of them never try to prove their existence but we know that they are always there so can be seen that we gain more and more knowledge the more we start to know our soul and to know what the word Love means to us...might sound mushy and like a deja vu to repeat the same thing again and again..but isn't life itself a deja vu? just like a boomerang..throwing back at us all the experiences that we gained while PERFORMING for ourselves.. some people crave to find the meaning of these two words their whole life yet they find themselves back at square 1..and some do find the meaning of these two words but cnt find the person to share it with.Its Celebration of failures that we endure more than the embarrassment that we gain from the Truth...and thats life,my friend at the end of the day...


  1. too much of reality, man... hurts my eternally aloof common sense
    but well done in the end ^_^

  2. this is good work :D
    sometimes we fail to accept the facts of life by just ignoring them. and then at the end its too late to realize.